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    Online Resume Builder: Create a Job-Winning Online Resume Now!

    Resumes and jobs go together like salt and pepper.

    In order to get your dream job, you need to have a resume that will help you get one. Now the question is, how to make a job-winning resume and how to make it industry specific according to your profile? The answer is our state-of-the-art online resume builder.

    There are a few questions that people have when they are making an online resume. They can’t figure out how to operate an online resume builder and how to make the best use of it. That’s where our guide to resume builder online comes in. We’ve got it all! This article will guide you on how to use our free online resume maker in the best way possible.

    Our free online resume builder has everything that one will need in order to make resume online - from pre-filled ready to use content templates to up-to-date resume designs and resume templates. Our online resume builder has it all. What more can one ask for in an online resume builder?

    The Online Resume Writing Process

    The first thing to do is to sign up on our free online resume maker. It’s a hassle-free sign up procedure. All you need to do is click on ‘Create Resume’ on our free resume maker online. Now click on the ‘Sign Up’ option and then create an e-mail ID and password in order to create an account. Now you have an account to make resume online on our online resume builder.

    As soon as you click on ‘Sign Up’ you will be directed to a page. On that page, find and click on ‘New Resume’ on the left and assign a name to your online resume.

    20+ Resume Designs on our Resume Maker Online

    You will now have the option of choosing a design template from over 20+ resume designs. Broadly, you will have two categories in these design templates to choose from on this free resume builder online: Single Column Resume Template and Two Column Resume Template.

    From Single Column design templates, Traditional Blue is the most commonly used resume template; from Two Column design templates, Global Citizen Red is the most popular resume template on our free resume maker online.

    100+ Content Templates on Our Free Resume Maker Online

    To give you a more accurate idea of how to write your online resume, we offer you 100+ ready-to-use content templates to choose from in our free resume builder online. Select the resume template of your profile and you will find pre-written content which has been prepared by professionals of different industries on this free resume builder online. The content is written keeping in mind every aspect of your profile or target profile and the way in which an online resume should look like.

    Multiple factors have been considered by professionals while penning down these industry specific resumes our free online resume maker. These factors are job title, key skills, work involved, etc. While you have these ready to use templates on our online resume builder, there are various other options provided to you on our online resume maker so that you can optimize the content written around your professional experience and achievements in order to make resume online.  

    Resume Maker Online for Freshers

    If you are a fresher using our tool, you are in the right place. We’ve got content templates for students as well on our online resume builder. You’ll find content templates for both categories of students for making an online resume - one, those who are looking for an internship but have zero work experience, and two, those who are fresh graduates seeking a job.

    Resume for 12th Pass Students

    Are you a 12th pass student with zero experience and no resume? Well, we suggest you to have an online resume even if you have zero experience. Representing your skills, extra curricular achievements, awards and any other achievements in a well formatted resume can get you those brownie points when it comes to bagging your future internship.

    We have content templates for 12th pass students as well on our free resume builder online. You can select that content template and then see how the content in the resume is written on our resume builder. Now you can change this content around based on your own academic experience and optimize your online resume accordingly on our online resume builder.

    Resume for B. Com. Freshers

    It is not easy to write a resume, no matter what the field is. And when you are a fresh B.Com graduate, it is even more difficult to have a perfectly formatted resume that will showcase the value and importance of your internships the right way. In order to do just that, we have ready-to-use content templates for all graduates on our free resume builder online.

    You will find templates for all kinds of fresh graduates in our content templates to make an online resume. All you have to do is to rephrase the information already written in there around your own professional experience on our online resume builder. It’s an extremely simple thing to do on our online resume builder. Our online resume builder for freshers has pre-written information in the resume and various other dynamic features that will enhance your online resume. Some of them are:

    • Scope for adding customized sections: Volunteering Experience, Extra Curricular Activities, Co Curricular Achievements, Nonprofit Leadership, etc.
    • Change the primary and secondary color of your online resume in a single click.
    • Change the font of your resume online to any of the recruiter-friendly fonts like Open Sans, Roboto,  Lato, Oswald, etc.
    • Option to choose a graphic resume template (with your photograph) or a textual resume template
    • Uniformly increase or decrease spacing throughout the resume

    Let’s say your resume is 1.5 pages long. You neither want to delete points to reduce it to a 1-pager nor do you have additional information to extend it to 2 pages. You also know that sending a 1.5 pager (or 1.25, 1.75, etc.) is a blasphemy - a resume is either only a 1-pager document or 2.

    What do you do? Simple, on our online resume builder, through the click of a button, you can uniformly increase or increase sectional spacing. No need to manually ensure a fixed number of blank lines after each section on our online resume builder. For your online resume, you can simply click a few times till your resume has reached the desired length, and bingo! You’re done!

    B. Tech. Fresher Resume Template

    When it comes to jobs in the current state of the job market, there are thousands of people along with you who are competing for the same position as yours. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to make a resume that overshadows the rest of resumes on our online resume builder.


    Our 20+ resume designs and various content resume templates for freshers are there to help you make that resume on our free resume maker online.

    Live Online Resume Editor on our Resume Maker Online

    As you already have pre-written ready-to-use content templates on our online resume maker, half of your job is already done.

    You must be thinking that since the resume builder already has pre-written content in it, how will you include content around your personal work experience in it? Well, fret not. Our online resume maker comes with a Live Online Resume Editor. You just have to click on the section you want to edit on our free resume maker and you can omit and include your professional data in these sections on our online resume builder.

    The sections are already organized in the correct order on our free resume maker. If you have extensive work experience or have done multiple internships, then you have the option of adding more sections of Professional Experience & Internships on our free resume builder.

    Similarly, if you have a lot of details to include in your education section, then you can add multiple sections within the Education section on our free resume maker. You can also add extra sections for languages if you’re skilled at speaking multiple languages and a Hobbies section if you want to put them in your online resume.

    Other sections which you can add on our free resume builder online can be for:

    1. Dissertations/Thesis
    2.  Research Papers
    3.  Publications
    4.  Presentations
    5.  Lectures and exhibitions
    6. Grants and scholarships
    7. Awards and honors
    8. Certifications
    9. Memberships

    You can incorporate extra sections for all these segments on our online resume maker. But remember not to go on a section-adding spree while you make resume online. Make sure all the sections which you add on our free online resume maker are relevant to your target profile.

    You will find the sections arranged in the following format on our online resume builder:

    1. Name
    2. Contact number
    3. E-mail address
    4. Location
    5. Job title
    6. Summary
    7. Key skills
    8. Professional Experience
    9. Internships
    10. Education
    11. Selected Projects
    12. Extra curricular activities
    13. Co-curricular activities

    Since you can edit your entire online resume on our free online resume maker, don’t think of editing and re-arranging the sections as well. The sections are already pre-arranged for you so that you don’t have to deal with the worry of arranging the resume sections in the correct format on our free resume maker.

    Even in that case, let’s say you want to put more emphasis on your Projects section in your online resume. On our online resume builder,  you have the option of re-arranging and customizing the order of sections when you make resume online. That’s how you end up with a job-winning online resume!

    Things to keep in mind while editing your online resume on our free resume maker:

    1. If you have technical skills up your sleeve, then include a Technical Skills section within your skills section in your online resume. Don’t just dump all your technical skills - arrange them under broad subcategories like Operating Systems, Languages, Frameworks, Version Control, Database, etc.
    2. Remember to change the one-line description of the company on our online resume maker. Since the space for the description is comparatively small, the probability of skipping that part while editing your online resume is quite high. So make sure you do one-line description that’s part of the template and include your own.  
    3. Check if you have changed the dates for all your work experience, internships & education sections on our free resume builder online. If you forget to change the dates, then the existing dates will remain there on our online resume builder.

    1 Click Design Change on Our Free Resume Maker

    After you’re done editing the resume content, you also have the option to see how your online resume will look in other design templates in our free resume maker. Don’t worry! Your content won’t disappear if you do this on our online resume builder. The content will remain there and stay the same, only the design template will change on our free resume builder online.

    To check your content in different design templates, click on the ‘Change Design’ option at the top of your resume on our online resume maker. You can do this at any stage of the resume writing process. You will be redirected to the same page from where you chose your current design template for your online resume. From this list, you can select any other design template and your content will be transferred into that specific template for you to see on our free resume maker.

    Save Unlimited Resumes Free Online Resume Maker

    Once you’re done writing your online resume, click once in the section header and once outside the resume on our online resume builder. You’ll notice a green check sign on the bottom left corner of the screen. This will save your online resume in the account. So, now when you’ll log in to our online resume builder account the next time, you’ll find your online resume saved there along with the option of new resume. This means that you can save as many online resumes as you want in your account.

    If you’re targeting multiple job profiles at a time, then you can make different online resumes for each profile and save it in your online resume builder account. Also, you can save the same online resume in as many different design templates as you want on our resume builder.

    Get A Shareable Link on Our Resume Builder


    You also get the option of getting a shareable link for your online resume on our free resume builder online. Once you have finalized your online resume content and the design template for your online resume, click on the ‘Download Resume’ option at the top right of your resume on our online resume builder. As soon as you click on this option, your online resume PDF will be engineered. After your PDF is prepared, click on the ‘View PDF’ option that shows up on our online resume maker.

    Now you will be redirected to a page that will show you your online resume in a PDF format and just above that, in the address bar, you will find the shareable link for your online resume that you made on our online resume builder. You can provide the recruiters with this link when you don’t have the option of sharing your paper resume.

    Unlimited PDF Downloads on Our Free Online Resume Maker

    You can download your resume online in PDF form not once, not twice but unlimited times on our free resume maker . The ‘Download Resume’ option allows you to see the number of pages in which your online resume is coming.

    If you have less than 10 years of work experience, then make sure your online resume doesn’t exceed one page on our online resume maker. And if you have more than 10 years work experience, then ensure that your online resume doesn’t exceed 2 pages on our free resume builder online.

    If your online resume is exceeding these limits then you can go back, edit and even delete the irrelevant sections from your online resume in order to make it short on our free resume maker.

    Full Rich-text Editor on Our Free Resume Maker

    Applicant Tracking System (ATS) plays a very important role in job recruitment. Whenever you apply for a job, the recruiter runs an ATS test on your resume to find the key skills that he/she is looking for.

    But the ATS is not able to scan certain fonts such as serif type fonts. So to avoid that, our online resume builder provides a full rich-text editor with a uniform font that is easily scannable by the ATS. This font of online resume makes sure that your resume is scanned properly by the ATS scanner and that your resume is successfully parsed.



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